Spider Eyes

Hey guys, so welcome to our first blog post. For our first post we wanted to do something you can relate to – EYELASH EXTENSIONS!! They take us from a 5 to a straight 9 within an hour !! Whilst your relaxing in the chair , imagining your beautiful fluffy eyelashes, you think about all the major Instagram # opportunies! #falsies #nomakeup #iwokeuplikethis . . . . you get the picture YOUR GOING TO LOOK AMAZING!!!

But . . do you think about the end process (nahhh we didn’t either) and this is where our story and first blog post was created!!


First of all lets talk PLUS POINTS !! Eyelash extensions are individual lashes, made of silk, mink, or something synthetic, they are attached to your existing lashes semi permanently. If you have ever dreamt of waking up with Bambi lashes but without the panda eyes then this is your solution. They come in different lengths and curl styles so you can go for natural or full out with the Kim K look !! I had ones just longer than my own in the corners and then longer in the middles and outsides. I loved them !! I was given a little comb to brush through them and given my instructions to not get them wet for 24 hours. The application, length everything was amazing !! Check out the pics –

However my lashes had become ‘wobbly’ and by wobbly I mean they weren’t connected to the edge of my eyelid anymore. They had lifted as my natural lashes had grown so this make them look like they were facing different directions some times!! Not a good look when your eyelashes are on another planet LOL!!!

So ive talked about the good points now here come the bad – in my case anyway!!

THIS IS NOT WHAT TO DO – sooooooo here I am a few days after my due date for my top up which I cancelled as I didn’t need it. This one night as I was relaxing after a hard days work and I must have fell asleep. . . . yes asleep. . . on my FFAAACCCEEEEEEE!!!! OMG THIS IS THE WORSTTTT THING TO HAPPEN!! All my hard work, sleeping like a statue for 10 days had gone to waste! I woke up , bewildered with the light still on (you know that feeling you fall asleep the whole night with the light on and you feel mentally unstable the next day ) and my first thought was MY LASHES!! I ran to the bathroom mirror and to my horror THERE WERE DEAD SPIDERS ON MY EYES!!!!! Well at least that’s what it looked like!!! I honestly cant describe to you how bad they looked!! Literally imagine a dead spider, all crumpled upbow legged sitting on the side of your face!!

AHH!!! Hope it not lost I shall brush these beauties back to heaven!! No . . . that did not happen!!! Had this happened a few weeks earlier it would have been fine as the eyelashes would be nice and tight so not able to get twisted!!

SO WHAT TO DO ???? Get them removed? Well there was no time for that I was going on a hot date!! I couldn’t go out like this. So I STUPIDLY thought I will pull them off, it wont be too bad , there nice and loose so they will slip off. Gentry I gripped the blob of glue at the base of my false eyelash. OUCH!!! It absolutely killed!! Felt like some one slowly pulling back a plaster!! For each false eyelash I pulled off their was 3 or 4 natural hairs attached !! I stopped there is what your think right? NO!! For I had made the cardinal sin!! I took one from the middle so now they all had to come off else it looked even worse. Pick, Pick OUUCHHHHH pick pick . . . . . . AND . . . . NOW . . . .I . . . HAVE . . .NO . . . EYELASHES!!!!!!!

So what did I do. After cancelling the date and avoiding all mirrors in my house I thought id crack on with MISSION : EYELASH RECOVERY!

So this is the situation – 2 eyeballs + 2 bald lids = NOT a good look in the slightest. So here is where my ongoing journey begins – unfortunately my poor lashes are still hagged and small!!


Things I tried

1 – Eyelash Serum ARTDECO lash Growth activator available on www.beautybay.com £14.50 – not going to lie I only purchased this as it was the cheapest but with the best reviews – A night time balm you apply before you go sleep and supposedly increases growth by a massive 200% (que face pulling) yes I also agree that’s a big claim to make! Who would need falsies is I can get this sort of growth. It arrived quickly and smelt nice. But abit worrying as im applying to my eyes. Even so I followed instruction and left it on overnight. Next morning I woke up to a tacky mess on my eyes. It hadn’t soaked in properly and had half dried around my eyes. I tried it for a few more nights and in the end stopped using it as it was ripping more eyelashes out trying to get the serum off my eyes!!

2 – Home remedy = vitamin E tablet (I robbed one off my mum) + castor oil, almond oil and coconut oil (I have loads of this as I love it so I just melted abit in the microwave, you can get it from Aldi for £1.99) you mix it all up in a jar, pop the lid on and shake it up to mix it , or any other way you wanted to mix it . Apply in the same way by putting on lids. This soaked in nicely and left what little amounts of lashes I had left nice and soft. I didn’t wear any makeup for about a week after my lashes came out so I didn’t pull any more off taking make up off. I used this method for a few days but gave up as it kept separating meaning I had to make a new batch every few days !! LLOONGG - nobody has time for that 😊

SO WHATS THE HOLY GRAIL OF SOLUTIONS . . . . WELL THERE ISNT!! The only thing we can do when we have dragged our beautiful feathery friends off is WAIT, LESS MASCARA BEST IF NONE AND PRAY. Nah im being dramatic. Give it a few weeks and you will slowly start to see re growth, the lashes are a lot shorter so you just have to wait . . . . like I am ☹

Moral of the story is – If you need to remove them then don’t bloody pick them off what ever you do! Do anything apart from that!! Safe removal at the salon will not damage your lashes and you can have Bambi lashes forever!!

Thanks for reading Be Seen Boutiques first blog. We promise the next one wont be as long. We got abit excited as its our first post!!

Next week our blog will be all about hairstyles. With and without hair extensions in !!


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