Just got my hairrr DID !

Heyyy guys!!!

Here we are week two and as we said we kept it short and sweet! This week we were checking out hair styles that we think will look amazing with some of our pieces!!


This one is super simple and the video was quick, with good instructions and clear to see what she was doing.


Want to add hair extensions – we tried it with 4x 1 clip pieces. Before you start the plat, separate the hair down the middle. And place 1x1clip piece in a diagonal direction and repeat an inch down. This puts them in the right place ready for plaiting! Remember to clip in from near the nape of the neck as you plait is upside down.

We love these perpex heels from http://www.publicdesire.com/ £34.99 with some fishnet ankle socks from www.ebay.co.uk for a couple of pound!

There is so many good videos on YouTube!! Go and check them out to Slay your look !! Next weeks blog will be all about FAKE TAN!! Don't forget to check out our Instagram page for discounts and join our mailing list for exclusive offers!! @beseenboutique