Bye Bye Tan Lines



FAKE TANS – TAKES US FROM A 3 TO A STRAIGHT 8 AND READY FOR THE WEEKEND! We have all needed or wanted a tan at some point but have we achieved a smooth and streak free tan? Nahhh, nor did we. So here is our top Tan guide to make sure your perfectly preened and glowing !! Get ready to BE SEEN . . . .

 Step 1 – EXFOLIATE – This stage is a must if you want an even all over Tan. We used a bodyscrub from Boots – and worked it over the body with exfoliating gloves. Make sure to pay attention to knees, ankles, elbows, hands and feet , we also pay extra attention to the crease by the armpit. No one wants nasty orange patches there!!


Step 2 – MOISTURISE – Once you removed all the dead skin its time to moisturize. Cover the whole body with OIL FREE moisturizer – this helps the Tan go on evenly when applied. Just have a quick check on the back of the pack. You can spend as little or as much as you want on these products. A normal bodyscrub and moisturizer should be enough but you can also buy brand specific products such as sttropez or Fake Bake.

Again pay attentions to knees, ankles, elbows, hands, feet and armpits.


Step 3 – TAN – After your moisturizer has sunken in , about 10-15 minutes its time to tan. MAKE SURE you have GLOVES, TANNING MIT, TOWEL ON FLOOR. Preparation is KEY!! Stand on the towel and put on the gloves. Make sure your hair it tied up and any make up is off. Having gloves on allows you to the hand later without getting soaked under the mitt.

We used Fake Bake from Boots. We really like this one for its even Tan and it doesn’t smell like biscuits like most tans when developing. Ours comes with a mitt and gloves!! We also like Bondi Sands as well!!

Spray the mitt generously and start to apply from the bottom upwards. Start in circular motions making sure to LIGHTLY brush over ankles and front of the foot. Bend toes and apply lightly. Less is more!!

Continue over the whole body making sure to get your armpits, blend out on the knees. When it comes to the face we used the left over on the mitt to apply. Some fake tan can sink into pores and pronounce them so better to add makeup than more Tan!


Step 4 – DEVELOP – Now we have taken such care in getting our tan in perfect condition we need to make sure it develops that way! Wear a loose nighty or a onesy and try not to let your legs or arms cross over when sitting or laying down – Annoying we know but will be amazing in the long run !! Its best to apply at night and leave to develop for around 12 hours!

Step 5 – ENJOY AND SHOW OFF YOUR TAN !! – Time to rinse off in the shower, apply some moisturizer and show everyone how fabulous you are !!!